There exists a huge difference on the necktie after the world Revolution. Neckties are still popular in World and have become an important part of men clothing. The Custom necktie appearance in that time is much away from the modern tie. The tying method is also quite different by which wrap around the neck twice and leave the two ends arbitrarily hanging. The ties can have three or four ribbon knots at that time. It may look funny now but it was the rule of etiquette at that time. By the eighteenth 100 years, the Revolution proclaimed the finish of noble court life and also brought the blooming glory of jewelry. Men gave up the flashy clothing rather than simple and plain dress so the neckties brought a surprise to the basic public. Suddenly men with a necktie are all over the place in world, no subject noble or normal people. Byron, a famous poet person, had no exception with this fashion trend and even was famous for his harsh attitude on the tying approach to neckties. Balzac is also a huge lover of neckties so that his words on the ties brought the promo to the entire France in 1827. It is known that Balzac was the top one to describe the neckties by means of literary works and it is indeed a great contribution for the necktie promotion.

The nineteenth century is an important era for modern custom neckties  because the European worn a number of neckties with a lot of different tying or braiding methods at that time. The sizes of the neckties are very different and the classic patterns are the representative signs of their respective countries. Therefore we speculate that folks aren’t randomly picked any jewelry that has a specific country logo. A lot more interesting, people made far more efforts to add certain special so this means to neckties, such as loyalty and diplomacy. The neckties were a lot more than a decoration accessory plus they were the representative of the wearer’s identity, status, personality, hobbies, and even more. You can have an understanding of the wearer through the neckties so it is meaningful throughout the interpersonal networking. This rule is still not a huge change until today.

In the good necktie development, an important figure, born in the nineteenth century, is Duke Windsor who is the Prince of Wales and King Edward VIII in a brief life. Besides his romantic love tale, he also had great contribution to the world from his process taste. Even now he still has many big enthusiasts for his outstanding flavor. Currently the Windsor knot looks formal and common, but it was wanted after by the bulk of artists. Even it was declared that it isn’t being a real specialist if not tying a Windsor knot. In the nineteenth century, neckties have been transformed into a symbol from the individual information to the development of society. It was given more objective meanings and social interests. All the favorable factors associated with brilliant era for the neckties from the nineteenth century to the early on twentieth century.